Latvian animation 70’s – 80’s

And here it comes – the first part of Latvian cartoons. I am still working on subtitles, but I will get them ready until Thursday. Also if someone is interested to show the old Latvian cartoons for English-speaking friends, ask me, I will be glad to share the subtitles.

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Leonardo presentation, knitting and other stuff

Tomorrow I am doing a short presentation about Leonardo da Vinci program, 19:00 in Casa da Horta. So come by if you are interested in doing vocational training abroad.

And the day after tomorrow, Wednesday, me and Nezia are starting knitting workshops (at least I hope so). Making your own scarf, gloves, socks, caps or just enjoying knitting together.

And in the mid December I will make cartoon evenings. The idea is to show the cartoons from Eastern Europe 80’s to show with what kind of cartoons my generation grew up, and believe me – it is veeery far from Disney style. So far I have to subtitle around 8 Latvian cartoons (might be a premiere outside of Latvia) and still haven’t decided about other countries.

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EVS and Leonardo linked

By one of the fantastic coincidences tomorrow I start my way to Oviedo. I am really excited to see the places and people again!

The story goes like that – I wrote to my former CouchSurfer Beppe who lives in Ourense, that I have moved to Porto and maybe we could meet up some time. And in the response I got: “I am going to Oviedo next Sunday, maybe you want to join?” And here I go!

One more detail – just signed up for a 3 week photography course in Porto. Looking forward for new information and new people.

Did I say that I was a full-time cook for the first time in CDH? Enjoyed it so much, and now I am waiting for the next time.

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environmental movies

Some of the movies that I found quite entertaining:

* Meat the Truth

* Poison on the Platter

* What in the World Are They Spraying

* Tapped

They have to do with global warming, GM food, multinationals, manipulation etc. They all are very tendentious, keep your critical thinking switched on and perceive it as entertainment.  I am sure I will find out more informative stuff. All movies can be watched in either in Environment or Health sections. Well and if you are interested in animal protection, watch Earthlings.

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What is more environmentally/socially friendly:

* giving up eating sea-food or giving up eating “unhappy” cow’s cheese;

* giving up eating the “happy” hen eggs or stop eating chocolate because its cocoa comes from Africa’s children slavery;

* not eating game (wild) animals or not using multinational’s products (like Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike etc.);

* buying fair-trade coffee from a big company or buying regular coffee from a small provider etc.

In CDH I come up to this kind of questions frequently and well… there is no answer I guess. What I want to say – it’s not just about giving up eating meat or all animal products, the processes in society and nature are very complex and often it’s not easy to see what impact we make by our choices. And perfection doesn’t exist, but it doesn´t mean that we don´t have to try to act better.

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thematic issues

I think I am starting to finish formulating my current view on vegetarianism/veganism. As well as starting to get a global view on industrialism, consumerism, vegetarianism, globalization etc. That’s a damn complex area, well because it’s area is everything. So far I have been aware of some aspects and have led quite an ecological life, but just because those were the conditions of my environment. Now I am starting to broaden the view and understand the people who are around me now.

So when it’s rainig in Porto, I spend hours of watching documentary movies and youtube stuff about environment and then I spend another hours of trying to filter this information.

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Jantar Moçambicano

Last Saturday I experienced one of the taste explosions – rice boiled with cardamom, cinnamon and coconut milk + peanut sauce with seitan. Thanks, Ana!

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Tonight a friend association “Agitadoras de Alquimias” is having their meeting in Casa da Horta. And after we are going to watch this documentary. Welcome everyone:

And tomorrow me and Nezia are going to help this association to build their house. That’s the absolute symbiosis here.

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Dreams in colours

Yesterday we had a cartoon night – Animal Farm (1954), and this time it was full with people. Sort of a bit connected with the demonstration of the 15th of October. When we showed The Garden (by Scott Hamilton Hennedy) there were 4 people I guess, sad but nice movie by the way. I think it is my consecration week – every day full of people, and I enjoy it.

And tomorrow – exposition night. And after that at 8 o´clock in the morning I go hiking to the mountains. Good luck to me!

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I survived… only because Elīna was as well in Casa da Horta. At 8 o’clock I even went for my bass to play in the jam session (we have jam sessions every Tuesday) – it seemed that there will be no people because of the football game. And after one hour and smth. all the tables were full.

And I had a great surprise surprise. Yesterday in the morning I received a message from Alex (who is now the voluntary of CMU in Asturias) and already in the evening she and 3 of her friends were in Casa da Horta! Was great to finally meet her.

So it was quite a day of first times – first working day, first guests in my house and today I had my first portuguese class (well.. first in Portugal).

For this evening we have already a reserved dinner for 30 people because it’s a dinner to support the protection of the animals. And on Saturday we have an opening of painting exhibition and the special topic of the food is Romanian dinner. We had a small discussion about feta cheese and vegan principles. And as I like knitting I also have to ask if I can sell in Casa da Horta things that are made of wool.

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