finish line and dogs

This night arrived 7 friends from Asturias. And they all managed to fit in my room, I never imagined that it has this capacity. So… tomorrow in Casa da Horta we have Asturian dinner! With a couple of authentic asturians, asturian music, food and 3 boxes of sidra.

And my project seems to come to an end. Unfortunately not a very pleasant end because I already started to work in another place. So last 2 weeks I have been working from 12 to 14 hours every day and am tired like an old dog or used mop or whatever you would like to call this state. But the good part of this is that I have already got my chance to stay longer in Porto.

And next week in Casa da Horta we will start Eastern Europe movie nights. We still don´t have the programme but as soon as we will have it it will be posted in

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