What is more environmentally/socially friendly:

* giving up eating sea-food or giving up eating “unhappy” cow’s cheese;

* giving up eating the “happy” hen eggs or stop eating chocolate because its cocoa comes from Africa’s children slavery;

* not eating game (wild) animals or not using multinational’s products (like Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nike etc.);

* buying fair-trade coffee from a big company or buying regular coffee from a small provider etc.

In CDH I come up to this kind of questions frequently and well… there is no answer I guess. What I want to say – it’s not just about giving up eating meat or all animal products, the processes in society and nature are very complex and often it’s not easy to see what impact we make by our choices. And perfection doesn’t exist, but it doesn´t mean that we don´t have to try to act better.

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