Jantar Moçambicano

Last Saturday I experienced one of the taste explosions – rice boiled with cardamom, cinnamon and coconut milk + peanut sauce with seitan. Thanks, Ana!

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2 Responses to Jantar Moçambicano

  1. irenesteindl says:

    Hello Aija,
    “Jantar Moçambicano” is probably what I would love to taste as I’ll go to Moçambique this year. Can you tell me where I will find a moçambician kitchen in Porto?

    Thanks a lot,

    P.S. Very nice blog!

  2. aijare says:

    Don´t know about the Moçambiquan kitchen, but you can get african food in Mede Vinagre:
    http://www.casamorgado.blogspot.pt/ I still haven´t been there but it´s one of my must-do´s in Porto.

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