I survived… only because Elīna was as well in Casa da Horta. At 8 o’clock I even went for my bass to play in the jam session (we have jam sessions every Tuesday) – it seemed that there will be no people because of the football game. And after one hour and smth. all the tables were full.

And I had a great surprise surprise. Yesterday in the morning I received a message from Alex (who is now the voluntary of CMU in Asturias) and already in the evening she and 3 of her friends were in Casa da Horta! Was great to finally meet her.

So it was quite a day of first times – first working day, first guests in my house and today I had my first portuguese class (well.. first in Portugal).

For this evening we have already a reserved dinner for 30 people because it’s a dinner to support the protection of the animals. And on Saturday we have an opening of painting exhibition and the special topic of the food is Romanian dinner. We had a small discussion about feta cheese and vegan principles. And as I like knitting I also have to ask if I can sell in Casa da Horta things that are made of wool.

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