happy beginning

Here I am! Already one week in Porto. With the help of my university (Latvian Academy of Culture) I managed to get here my Leonardo project that I mentioned earlier. This time I decided not to wait so long and start writing in English. Though I hope to learn to speak Portuguese as fast as possible. That won’t be such an easy task as in Spain, because here almost all the young people speak English.

The arrival was just perfect – I had forgotten that Mondays in my organization Casa da Hora (http://casadahorta.pegada.net/entrada/) are free, so the next day after my arrival we had a picnic in the community garden where also my organization has a small spot with plants. Nice beginning.

What else? – learned to make the local Porto dish “francesinha” vegetarian version, spent 2 days in a music festival in the lost mountain villages (included – local village party with peeling corn and old ladies dressed in black singing traditional songs, sleeping in a tent and washing the face in the morning in a river, eating wild grapes just from the tree), first time in my life prepared dish from sweet potatoes, got my face burnt in the beach and had probably the last swim of the year.

And by the way I already have an electric bass in my room (CouchSurfing magic) and found a very charming apartment to live in.

Not bad for the first week, huh? Now you see why I had to start writing already… I have only 6 months to go, so I had to make a strong start and I think I am doing well.

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