movies + cakes

Well theoretically yesterday was my last project day and that’s it. But luckily it’s not the case in the real life. Maybe I should start a new blog for the vegetarian recipes and some environmental/cultural stuff. Nah… I’m to lazy to spend my time on that.

Anyway, yesterday I went to Casa Viva to a “movie&cake” night. First to see the “Grandmother” (1970) by David Lynch. That was already good. But as it was a short movie they put one more after that and it was “Cube” – one of my favourites ever. It was really a nice self-reflection moment, because some 10 years ago I was watching it as a fiction and yesterday I was watching it more as an allegory. And it is still good as such.

And the strawberry-almond cake was delicious.

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last supper

It’s kind of coincidence but on my last official working day in Casa da Horta I will finally cook Latvian dinner.

The menu is here.

But I hope it doesn’t mean the end of my involvement in CDH. I have already a plan for the next stop-motion workshop and for a couple of movie sessions. At this moment I feel quite motivated to keep helping in Casa da Horta when I will be able to, but we’ll see. Maybe I’m still in the “pink glasses” period.

And next Thursday, 29th of March we are screening a Latvian documentary “Seda – people of the marsh” (2004). Welcome!

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finish line and dogs

This night arrived 7 friends from Asturias. And they all managed to fit in my room, I never imagined that it has this capacity. So… tomorrow in Casa da Horta we have Asturian dinner! With a couple of authentic asturians, asturian music, food and 3 boxes of sidra.

And my project seems to come to an end. Unfortunately not a very pleasant end because I already started to work in another place. So last 2 weeks I have been working from 12 to 14 hours every day and am tired like an old dog or used mop or whatever you would like to call this state. But the good part of this is that I have already got my chance to stay longer in Porto.

And next week in Casa da Horta we will start Eastern Europe movie nights. We still don´t have the programme but as soon as we will have it it will be posted in

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Today there is a very important assembly in Es.Col.A. (self-managed collective space). Last Friday they received a letter from the city hall that in March they have to move out, so today they are making a plan how to fight for the place that they have created.

Apart from Musas this is another magic place of Porto. It’s an occupied school where a lot of people voluntarily carry out loads of different activities – yoga and capoeira classes, music instrument construction and theatre workshops, knitting and singing workshops, movie nights, school support for local children and much more… And it’s for anyone and it’s all for free.

My both favourite places in Porto are endangered because of some silly rules and bureaucracy.

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I guess last Saturday was the peak point of my project.

The house was totally full, Beppe was entertaining people, we finished all the food but noone was left without a dish. Perfect – organizing concerts and cooking what I like, and then people enjoying it all.

Tomorrow we are going to edit the stop motion. It’s about the 6th continent aka Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Somehow I feel that the end of my Casa da Horta project is so near… But I’ll stay here around for some time anyway.

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Beppe in da House

The one and only fantastic Beppe will give a concert in Casa da Horta this Saturday!

We met something like a year ago when he was Surfing my Couch in Oviedo and somehow it happens that we meet again and again. And now as my friend he agreed to play music from south of Italy in Casa da Horta. Don´t miss it!

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Jantar de apoio ao Musas

Tonight we have a very special dinner to support the community garden Musas. We all will work in our free day, there will be no fixed price and all the money will go to support Musas in court. I don’t know all the story but one part of it is that people who work there are accused of destroying private property or something like that. While destroying means – cleaning a very big area of unused land with trash and making small pocket-gardens there. It’s a magic place – almost in the heart of Porto where you can water your cabbage while looking to the rooftops of Porto.

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free week

Monday – eko-social tour with pjp and the people from Casa da Horta, after – dinner and then playing table football.

Tuesday – portuguese classes, designing the poster and invitations for my spanish project group „Maneras de encontrarnos, maneras de expresarlo”, fado evening with Ana, Nezia and their friends.

Wednesday – shooting the first par for stop-motion project, weekly meeting at Casa da Horta, knitting workshop.

Thursday – going to try work in a hostel, participating in vegetarian informative session and watching the movie „The Queen of the Sun” at Casa da Horta.

And I am not complaining, I am enjoying that there are so many things that I like to do.

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organizing stop motion in Casa da Horta

Right now I am selecting the movies for the stop motion night. I was thinking of making it short and impressive (like one hour…) but I like those stop motion movies so much that I can barely make it down to hour and a half. Feels nice to organize things that you yourself are interested in. I also announced the workshop of stop motion and when the first girl applied, Pedro’s reaction was: “Do you know how to do that?”. I guess I do.

And tomorrow in the knitting workshop I will show a movie – “Pina” by Wim Wenders. I would like to see it on big screen so I am taking advantage of my work place. I guess both parts will be satisfied.

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solstice time

Yesterday went on the 2nd part of Latvian animation – from the 90´ and it went very good. Casa da Horta was full, people were enjoying dinner and had some fun with old latvian cartoons.

On the 5th of January I will prepare the stopmotion night. And if there will be anyone interested later on I could also make a stopmotion workshop.

Tonight I just finished preparing my 2nd francesinha ingredients and tomorrow morning I will be already in Marrakech.

And remember – the days are already becoming longer and the sun is coming back!

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